Kim Avery 11 May

Caneel Hill Capital LLC

Caneel Hill Capital's Managed Risk 1 Program has been added to the AG database. Caneel's Principal Trader, Douglas Martin, has a technology background and has built networks with a focus on hedge funds and high frequency trading. Managed Risk 1 is momentum and mean-reversion strategy trading currencies and financials.

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Kim Avery 10 May

THS Capital Management

THS Capital Management adds the Diversified Trend Following Program ("DTF"). Similar to theATF Program but with less margin usage and a $250,000 minimum the DTF program trades over 30 commodity markets including softs, metals, meats, grains, energies, currencies, interest rates, stock indicies, and the US$ Index.

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Kim Avery 6 May

Senaca Capital Futures

We have just added Senaca Capital Futures to the Autumn Gold database. Lodated out of Massachusetts, Senaca is a Short-Tem Pattern Recognition Program that trades the G10 Currenciy Futures. The program used an average of 2-5% margin. There is a no management fee and a 10% incentive fee. The minimum account size is $100,000.

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Kim Avery 28 April

Top CTA for March 2022

Cayler Capital LLC took the top place for March 2022 with a 15.16% Return. Cayler is a systematic energy trader focused on the global movement of energy products and forecasting future supply and demand. Overall the program has a Compounded ROR of 22.93% and a Max Drawdown of 10.53%.
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Kim Avery 28 April

Top Option Trader for March 2022

Numberline Capital Partners' Macro Risk Program was the top option performance for March 2022 with a March Return of 8.07%. Numberline uses options to create synthetic futures positions. The program trades a diversified portfolio including Energy, FX Futures, Metals and Financials.

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