Autumn Gold CTA List

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Manager / CTA Program Current
Trading Strategy
1900 Investments Asset Management, LLC Dynamic Oil Stratgy -0.95%0.47% $100,000Mean Reversion / Intraday / Energies
3D Capital Management LLC 3D Bull (C)-0.57%-1.05% $100,000Systematic / Upside Potential / Indices
3D Intraday (C)-1.24%-2.04% $50,000Systematic / Intraday / S&P
3D Intraday Breakout (C)-0.63%-1.49% $100,000Systematic / Upside Potential / Indices
3D S&P (C)-1.25%-2.61% $100,000Systematic / Indices

Abingdon Global LLC QEPs OnlyMacro Catalyst Driven0.67%-0.98% $5,000,000Discretionary / Global Macro / Diversified
Abraham Investment Management Div. M (P)-2.25%-0.60% $300,000Medium-Term Systematic / Diversified
Formula 72 H-5.59%-9.63% $150,000High Volatility / Diversified
Formula 72 Low (P)-3.05%-5.64% $300,000Low Volatility / Diversified
Abraham Trading Company Div.-1.52%-4.21% $10,000,000Systematic / LT Trend / Diversified
Acorn Global Investments, Inc QEPs OnlyDiversified-4.57%-13.42% $5,000,000Systematic / Diversified
Acuity Investment Management, LLC MAP13.18%11.41% $50,000Options Writer / Diversified
Adalpha Asset Management, LLC QEPs OnlyDiv. S-Term (P)4.96%2.70% $1,000,000Short Term Systematic / Diversified
Adamah Capital LLC QEPs OnlyDiversified0.40%-1.90% $250,000Long-Term / Quantitative / Diversified
Div. Sectors0.70%-3.24% $100,000Long-Term / Quantitative / Diversified
Investable MF Index0.20%0.20% $50,000Systematic / Quantitative / Diversified
Advanced Arbitrage Concepts # One0.34%7.13% $1,000,000Arbitrage / Spreads / Energies
# Two0.72%20.81% $100,000Arbitrage / Spreads / Energies
Aequam Capital QEPs OnlyAequam Diversified Fund - USD-1.78%-14.91% $5,000,000Globally Diversified Futures Portfolio
AG Capital Investments, LLC Discretionary Global Macro8.20%-5.46% $100,000Discetionary / Fundamental / Diversified
AIS Capital Management QEPs OnlyMAAP (2X - 4X)-5.59%1.42% $3,000,000Discretionary Trend Follower
Alder Capital Ltd Alder Capital 20-4.00%-2.84% $1,000,000Systematic Trend Follower / Currency
Aleph Strategies LLC Aleph Options1.53%4.69% $100,000Discretionary / Option Writer / Stock Indices
Alexander Capital Group, LLC Discover Energy (C)0.00%0.00% $100,000Fundamental / Energy
Discover Energy (P)3.59%3.59% $100,000Fundamental / Energy
Alpha Capital Ventures LLC Global Program3.23%3.99% $25,000Discretionary / Currency, Metals, Indices
Alpha Z Advisors LLC MAP13.57%16.62% $250,000Quantitative / Systematic / Index Fut & Opts
Altavest Wealth Management LLC QEPs OnlyMulti-Strategy Prg-8.79%-11.63% $1,000,000Systematic / Option / Stock Index
Alternative Capital Advisors, LLC QEPs OnlyStrategic Ag4.56%0.52% $100,000Discretionary / Ags & Livestock
Altis Partners Jersey Limited QEPs OnlyGlobal Futures -1.22%7.59% $20,000,000Systematic CTA
Amplitude Capital International Limited QEPs OnlyAdagio $A0.94%2.61% $20,000,000Systematic / Momentum / Mean Reversion / Pattern Recognition
Dynamic $B3.36%2.46% $20,000,000Systematic / Directional / Short Term
Klassik $B2.21%2.01% $20,000,000Systematic / Directional / Short Term
Vivace $A0.70%-4.12% $20,000,000Systematic / S-Term / Quantitative Equity
Ancile Capital Mgt, LLC Global Mkts -1.11%0.52% $1,000,000Multi-Strategy
Anderson Creek Trading Standard Diversified0.28%-9.03% $250,000Systematic / Trend Following / Diversified
Standard Diversified (P)0.12%-8.27% $250,000Systematic / Trend Following / Diversified
Angle Capital Management, LLC QEPs OnlyAIP Program-6.26%-11.21% $3,500,000Systematic Long-Term Trend Follower
Archetype Risk Advisors, Inc. QEPs OnlyArchon0.13%1.98% $1,000,000Systematic / Intraday / Stock Index
Arctic Blue Capital Ltd QEPs OnlyMAP-2.25%-3.91% $1,000,000Systematic / Breakout, Trend & Reversal
ATP Capital Management LLC Granularity Alpha0.40%-1.86% $100,000Systematic / Stock Indices & Financials
Auctos Capital Management QEPs OnlyGlobal Diversified1.50%1.71% $3,000,000Trend / Pattern Recognition / Spreads
Auspice Capital Advisors QEPs OnlyDiversified-1.35%-6.76% $2,000,000Trend Follower / Diversified
Cmdy Index-2.38%-4.35% C$1,000,000Commodity ER Index/ Long Flat
MF Index-1.05%-7.93% C$1,000,000Managed Futures Index
AUTOMATON TRADING LLC QEPs OnlyDiversified 1.91%1.91% $500,000Systematic / ST / Intraday / Diversified
Aventis Asset Management QEPs OnlyDiv. Commodity -2.39%-2.15% $8,000,000Discretionary / Fundamental / Diversified

Balanced Capital LLC Int'l Algo4.09%4.09% $50,000Discretionary / Options Writing
Bamboo Trading QEPs OnlyDiscretionary Macro -8.10%-8.67% $500,000Fundamental / Quantitative / Diversified
Beach Horizon LLP QEPs OnlyBeach Horizon LLP-4.58%-5.82% $5,000,000Systematic Trend Follower / Diversified
Bear Commodities Corporation Level II4.85%-3.98% $50,000Fundamental / Diversified
Bensboro Advisors LLC QEPs OnlySeasonal Spread-6.84%-4.86% $250,000Seasonal Futures Spreads
Bighorn Capital Partners, LLC Denali Program-3.61%-2.12% $100,000Discretionary / Ags
Blackheath Fund Management, Inc. QEPs OnlyTactical FI-2.32%-2.20% $50,000Discretionary / Option Writer / Financials
Blake Capital Management, Inc. SRD Currencies0.01%-0.29% $100,000Pattern Recognition / Currencies
Blue Bar Futures Trading Management QEPs OnlyBlue Bar Ag 3.29%6.15% $50,000Long Short Spreads / Primarily Meat
Bluegrass Capital Management LLC QEPs OnlyCross Market Bias Model -0.04%-0.30% $3,000,000Systematic / Disc. Overlay / Fundamental
S&P 500 Equity Prg2.16%2.06% $1,000,000Systematic / Short Term / Stock Index
Bluenose Capital Management, LLC BNC BI 1.44%3.74% $30,000Option Writer / Stock Indexes
BNC CL 1.89%7.10% $15,000Option Writer / Energies
BNC EI 1.93%4.32% $15,000Option Writer / Electronic / Minis
Bocken Trading LLC Discretionary *-1.21%-2.58% $100,000Discretionary Trading
Boston & Zechiel Management, LLC ACTS Aggressive -0.81%18.10% $100,000Systematic / Long Short / Stock Indices
ACTS Conservative *0.79%5.63% $100,000Trend Following / Stock Indices
Brandywine Asset Mgt., Inc. QEPs OnlySymphony-1.45%3.79% $5,000,000Systematic / Fundamental / Diversified
Buckingham Global Advisors, LLC Emini 2.14%6.22% $100,000ST / Systematic / Option Writer / E Mini

Caddo Capital Management QEPs OnlyTactical Diversified-1.59%-4.47% $2,000,000Systematic Macro / Globally Diversified
Cambridge Strategy Asset Management Ltd QEPs OnlyAsian Mkts Alpha1.78%3.67% $10,000,000Absolute Return / Currency / Asia
Emerging Mkts Alpha1.07%4.83% $10,000,000Absolute Return / Currency / Emerging Mkts
Extended Mkts Alpha 4.28%7.18% $10,000,000Absolute Return - Emerging Mkts
Camkay Capital Management LLC SI S-Term3.43%6.25% $100,000Short-Term / Stock Index
Campbell & Company QEPs OnlyAbsolute Return Portfolio2.50%0.44% $500,000Multi-Strategy Futures Fund
Trend Following 4.00%1.92% $25,000,000Systematic Trend Following
Carbide Capital Inc Absolute Return 0.86%2.72% $100,000Disc. / Options / Broad Equity Indices
Hedge -0.45%-1.20% $1,000,000Long Volatility / Indices & Financials
Chaika Trading QEPs OnlyCarry Program0.42%-1.45% $250,000Systematic / Relative Value / Diversified
Chesapeake Capital Corporation Diversified -2.51%0.51% $5,000,000Systematic / Trend / Diversified
Clarke Capital Mgt, Inc. FXF-Plus 1.53%-2.29% $1,000,000MS Trend-Follower / Interbank
Global Basic 0.09%-5.07% $50,000Multi-Strategy Trend-Follower
Global Magnum -3.61%-5.92% $100,000Multi-Strategy Trend-Follower
Jupiter -0.12%-7.43% $3,000,000Multi-Strategy Trend-Follower
Millennium -0.81%-8.91% $1,000,000Multi-Strategy Trend-Follower
Worldwide 1.50%-0.80% $250,000Multi-Strategy Trend-Follower
Claughton Capital QEPs OnlyInstitutional 5.55%0.10% $1,000,000Systematic Pattern Recognition
CNV Capital Management LLC QEPs OnlyAdaptive Alpha (P)3.75%0.73% $1,000,000Short-Term / Breakouts / Diversified
Coloma Capital Futures LLC QEPs OnlyHedged Volatility2.30%5.99% $250,000Volatility Trading in VIX Futures
Sep A/C0.00%0.90% $1,000,000Discretionary / Spread / Commodities
Commodities Analytics LLC Daily Analytics-0.90%-0.45% $50,000Discretionary / Intraday / Diversified
Conover Investments LLC Oil Trading0.08%1.38% $50,000Discretionary / Trend / Brent Oil
Conservative Concept AG Athena UI Fund-0.28%-1.55% €100Absolute Return Fund / Options
TriStone UI Fund 2.66%3.38% €500,000Absolute Return / Systematic
County Cork LLC QEPs OnlyAG L/S Prg (P)-4.02%-2.91% $500,000Systematic / Agricultures
B&B Prg (P)2.65%4.34% $100,000Fundamental / Statistical / Cattles
Acclivity (P)-2.70%0.11% $3,000,000Long Only / Fixed Income & Stock Indices
Macro Equity Hedge-0.84%2.00% $1,000,000Systematic / Trend / Momentum / Diversified
Fusion Equity1.04%-2.94% $1,000,000Systematic / Intraday / Stock Index
RLAI Trading Prg (P)1.36%0.22% $500,000Fundamental / Grains & Oilseeds
Covenant Capital Mgmt Of Tennessee, LLC Aggressive0.28%-0.52% $3,000,000Systematic / LT Trend Follower
Optimal Program9.65%-3.10% $250,000Systematic / LT Trend Follower
Original Prg0.67%-0.39% $5,000,000Systematic / LT Trend Follower
Crescendo Capital Management Neutron Decay1.99%3.69% $50,000Option Spreads / Diversified
Neutron Decay (P)2.23%3.52% $50,000Option Spreads / Diversified
Crescent Bay Capital Management, Inc. Balanced Volatility3.43%5.34% $50,000Option Writer - Balanced Volatility
Premium SI2.57%5.86% $10,000Option Writer / Stock Indexes
CTS Asset Management LLC QEPs OnlyFlagship SV3.11%5.63% $1,000,000Systematic / Short-Term / Diversified

Dairy Opportunities LLC Fundamental-3.80%-4.02% $100,000Fundamental Dairy Program
Deep Field Capital AG SINGULARITY1.61%-2.74% $10,000,000Systematic / Trend / Diversified
Degraves Capital Management Pty Ltd QEPs OnlyGlobal Div.2.60%-5.78% $1,000,000Systematic / Diversified
Demeter Capital Management QEPs OnlyLivestock & Grain0.74%5.32% $50,000Discretionary / Agricultural
DesertScape Asset Management Company, LLC DesertScape Prg0.00%0.00% $50,000Intraday / Financials, Stocks & Currencies
Devon Group, Inc., The QEPs OnlyDevon (P)*5.95%11.06% $100,000Credit Spreads / S&P Options
Diamond Capital Mgt Enhanced S&P *0.44%4.36% $150,000Trend / Option Writing / Indexes
Ditsch Trading LLC Discretionary1.49%2.58% $100,000Fundamental / Agricultural
Double Helix Capital Management Double Helix1.41%3.68% $75,000Option Writer / Stock Index
Dreiss Research Corp QEPs OnlyDiversified-5.51%-11.07% $750,000LT Trend Follower / Diversified
Drury Capital, Inc. QEPs OnlyDiversified T-Following-4.34%0.70% $10,000,000MT Trend Follower / Diversified
Dunn Capital Management QEPs OnlyWMA Institutional2.88%2.63% $25,000,000LT Trend Following / Revsersal
WMA5.87%5.33% $10,000,000LT Trend Following / Revsersal
Dynamica Global Investments LLC QEPs OnlyEnergy Trading0.22%-1.16% $500,000Medium Term / Energy

Eckhardt Trading Company Standard Plus-2.05%-6.95% $20,000,000Multi-Systematic Trend Follower
Standard -1.93%-6.42% $20,000,000Multi-Systematic Trend Follower
Eclipse Capital Mgt, Inc. Alpha Asia1.75%1.03% 元25,000Systematic / Diversified / Chinese Futures
GAP-1.86%2.43% $5,000,000Tactical / Momentum / Asset Allocation Strategy.
GLSM-2.12%5.39% $5,000,000Systematic / Model-Based / Diversified
Global Monetary-1.98%4.37% $5,000,000MS Trend / Counter-Trend Components
Strategic Allocation Program-1.40%5.89% $5,000,000Systematic / Model Based / Long Only / Globally Diversified

eco Capital Management LLC Commodity Opp.3.02%-2.38% $500,000
Global Opp.-0.20%-10.70% $1,000,000Systematic / Short Term / Diversified

Edgewater Trading, Inc Wellspring Program-1.18%-0.25% $200,000Multi-Strategy / Diversified
EMC Capital Advisors, LLC QEPs OnlyAlpha Plus Prg-1.88%2.84% $5,000,000L-Term / Macro Trends / Diversified
Alpha Prg-1.27%2.46% $5,000,000L-Term / Macro Trends / Diversified
EMC Classic Prg-6.26%-2.74% $5,000,000Trend Following / Diversified
Financial Program-0.70%-0.70% $3,000,000Quantitative / Currency / Financial / Indices
EMIL VAN ESSEN, LLC MSP0.28%2.23% $4,000,00050% Spread / 50% Long Short
L/S Commodities-0.58%-0.21% $1,000,000Systematic / Disc. Overlay / Commodities
L/S Accelerated1.06%-0.99% $200,000S to M-Term / Systematic / Disc. Overlay
Spread Trading Prg0.56%4.11% $5,000,000Spreads/ Diversified
Spread Trading Prg Ltd0.50%3.85% $5,000,000Calendar Spreads / Discretionary
Estlander & Partners QEPs OnlyAlpha Trend-2.48%-6.17% $30,000,000Systematic / Trend / Global / Diversified
Freedom Programme0.99%-1.51% $20,000,000Systematic / Fundamental / Diversified
Evergreen Commodity Advisors, LLC Discretionary Energy1.19%0.73% $100,000Discretionary / Short-Term / Energy

Fort LP QEPs OnlyContrarian Program-0.41%3.38% $5,000,000Systematic / Contrarian
Global Diversified-1.30%0.69% $10,000,000Systematic / Trend / Diversified
Four Seasons Commodities Corporation Hawkeye Spread*2.00%2.54% $500,000Fundamental / Spreads / Ags & Livestock
Lone Star1.00%0.65% $200,000Fundamental / Spreads / Ags & Livestock
FTC Capital GmbH Futures Fund Classic EUR3.49%1.43% €100,000Global / Systematic Long-Short
Futures Fund Classic USD3.63%1.84% $250,000Global / Systematic Long-Short
FTC Gideon I3.42%5.14% €10,000Equity Fund of Funds / Multi Strategy
Future Trade AG QEPs OnlyThales Swing Trading-9.91%-10.52% $250,000Short Term Systematic
Futures Truth Co QEPs OnlyMS40.12%-1.62% $250,000MS Trend-Follower / Diversified

GAIA Capital Management Ltd GAIA FX+-0.96%55.56% $10,000
Global Sigma Group QEPs OnlyPlus Prg0.80%2.59% $1,000,000Option Writer / Stock Indexes
Global Vista Advisors LLC QEPs OnlyGVI-0.89%-0.89% $10,000Option Writing / Indices
GVO5.73%5.73% $50,000Diversified Option Writer
GNE Management, LLC S&P Futures & Options 5.11%4.59% $200,000Systematic / Trend / Options / Indices
Goldenwise Capital Management Inc. QEPs OnlyQuant MS (P&C)3.56%0.26% $200,000Discretionary / Quantitative / Indices
Goldman Managment, Inc. QEPs OnlyStock Index*-0.03%4.56% $350,000Quantitative / Stock Indices
Stock Index Futures (P)-0.06%4.43% $350,000Quantitative / Stock Indices
Greenwave Capital Management, LLC QEPs OnlyFlagship Plus0.75%-0.94% $1,000,000Discretionary / Short-Term / Global Macro
Flagship Plus 2X1.58%-1.72% $300,000Discretionary / Short-Term / Global Macro
Gregory P. Asset Management Low Volatility Income1.01%3.54% $100,000Option Spreads / Stock Indices
SS&O-1.10%0.57% $50,000Spreads & Options / Diversified
GT Capital CTA Dynamic Trading Prg0.29%-12.59% $150,000Fundamental / Technical / Diversified
GT Dynamic Trading (P)0.59%-11.64% $150,000Fundamental / Technical / Diversified

Hamer Trading Inc Diversified Prg (P)-3.91%-5.17% $3,000,000Systematic / LT Trend / Diversified
Hartswell Capital Management Inc (Prediction GmbH) Non US InvestorsMP-13.23%3.67% $100,000Systematic / Intraday / Currencies
Hawksbill Capital Mgt QEPs OnlyGlobal Div.-1.99%-16.73% $5,000,000MS Trend Following / Diversified
HB Capital Management, Inc. Diversified0.62%4.45% $100,000Options / Spreads / Stock Mkt Timing
Hehmeyer Trading & Investments QEPs OnlyCommodity Capital0.14%-0.24% $1,000,000ST / Spreads / Ags, Meats, & Softs
HiProb Trading Technology LLC QEPs OnlyHiProb-I1.46%3.20% $250,000High Probability / Stock Indices
Hornsby & Company Diversified FTP3.64%-2.34% $100,000Discretionary / Fixed Income / Indices / Metals
Hoss Capital Management, LLC QEPs OnlyAg Futures *1.89%0.40% $100,000Fundamental / Meats & Grains
HPX Financial LLC Old School 0.12%-0.07% $200,000Discretionary / Fundamental
Old School (C)-0.39%-0.19% $100,000Discretionary / Fundamental

Ilgenwald Trading LLC Ilgenwald Trading Program-0.09%-1.03% $100,000Fundamental / Livestock
Integrated Managed Futures Corp QEPs OnlyGlobal Concetrated -4.01%-4.95% $500,000Systematic Diversified Trend
Global Invst -3.22%-6.44% $2,000,000Systematic Diversified Trend
Intex Capital Covered Options*0.76%2.47% $25,000Covered Options / Diversified
Covered Options PF*0.76%2.47% $25,000Covered Options / Diversified

Jaguar Investments Ltd QEPs OnlyAegir Strategy1.17%-0.90% $1,000,000Commodity Relative-Value / Energy
Ultro Capital Strat-0.13%1.24% $1,000,000Commodity Relative-Value / Metals
Vario Strategy-0.10%0.38% $1,000,000Macro Fundamental / Quantitative / Metals & Energy
John Locke Investments QEPs OnlyCyril Systematic UCITS-0.80%2.40% €8,000,000Pattern Recognition / Diversified
JTM Capital Management LLC QEPS OnlyJTM Absolute Return 2.34%4.07% $100,000Discretionary / Cyclical / Diversified

Keck Capital Mgt, LLC QEPs OnlyKeck Program-7.95%-16.11% $2,000,000Systematic LT Trend Following
Kelly Angle Inc. QEPs OnlyGenesis Program-5.06%-6.53% $2,000,000Systematic Trend-Follower
KeyQuant SAS QEPs OnlyKey Trends -5.53%-1.85% $10,000,000Systematic / Diversified
Kinkopf Capital Mgt, LLC S&P SELECT3.05%2.70% $25,000Trend / Swing / Indices
S&P (P)-3.91%8.31% $100,000S-Term Momentum / Stock Indexes
Kronos Management, LLC Awakening Program-1.12%-10.04% $200,000Fundamental / Long-Short / Diversified
Simplicity Program-0.83%-8.41% $200,000Fundamental / Long-Short / Diversified

LEH Advisor LLC Break Out Point*-0.22%-0.48% $300,000Systematic / Indices, Currencies, Metals & Financials
LJM Partners, Ltd Aggressive Strategy2.80%4.17% $500,000Option Writer - Stock Indexes
Mod. Aggressive2.65%3.67% $500,000Option Writer - Stock Indexes
Preservation & Growth1.77%2.61% $3,000,000Option Writer - Stock Indexes
Luke Asset Management Partners, LLC Pinnacle Trend2.41%-5.65% $100,000Trend Catching / Commodities Only

M&R Capital LLC Discretionary 0.78%8.32% $100,000Fundamental / Livestock
M6 Capital Management, LLC Standard 0.87%1.52% $300,000Fundamental / Trend / Ags & Meats
Mark J. Walsh & Company Standard-6.56%-13.87% $2,000,000Short to Medium-Term Trend Following / Diversified
Mehnert Capital Management, LLC DTP (C)3.44%-6.26% $1,000,000Systematic / Short-Term / Diversified
DTP (P)2.02%-5.48% $1,000,000Systematic / Short-Term / Diversified
Melissinos Trading QEP's OnlyEupatrid1.90%0.08% $500,000Systematic Trend / Diversified
Metolius Capital LLC QEPs OnlyDiversified Prg-0.99%-3.96% $4,000,000Systematic Global Macro / Diversified
Millburn Ridgefield Corp Commodity -0.02%0.74% $25,000,000Systematic Trend-Follower
Diversified 0.94%3.24% $25,000,000Systematic Trend-Follower
Multi-Markets 0.96%3.00% $25,000,000Diversified Trend & Pattern Recognition
ML Systems LLC QEPs OnlySeldon Classic (P&C) *-0.30%0.59% $1,000,000Multi Systematic / Fundamentally Driven
Mobius Asset Mgt Diversified Program-1.20%-3.97% $250,000Trend Following / Counter Trend
Energy Trading-0.55%-0.70% $250,000Multi-Strategy / Energies
X-Ceed -1.50%-2.14% $150,000Discretionary / Diversified
Mulvaney Capital Management QEPs OnlyMF Prg9.23%2.32% $10,000,000Systematic Trend Follower

Non Correlated Capital Pty Ltd QEPs OnlyPos. Theta (C&P)*-0.69%2.24% $250,000Diversified Option Writer
NovoDyn Advisors LLC QEPs OnlyMean Reversion FT0.19%0.19% $100,000Systematic / Mean Reversion / Diversified
Mean Reversion EX0.00%0.00% $200,000Systematic / Mean Reversion / Diversified
Novus Investments, LLC QEPs OnlyPrecious Comm.-0.42%5.64% $200,000Precious Metals / Commodities
NuWave Investment Management, LLC Combined (2x)-0.26%0.32% $5,000,000Systematic (Pattern Rec.) / Diversified
Short-Term Futures Portfolio0.89%2.25% $5,000,000

Omni Trading LLC S&P Option Overwriting Prg0.99%2.82% $250,000S&P Option Writer
OptHedge Advisors LLC QEPs OnlyFlagship Trading-1.21%1.30% $250,000Discretionary / Options
Opus Futures, LLC Advanced Ag3.47%6.67% $100,000Fundamental / Grains & Oilseeds
Orion Capital Advisors, Inc. QEPs OnlyBeta Opportunity Strategy4.70%10.70% $100,000Systematic / Macro / Stock Index

P. Silverman & Company PSC BOSS2.99%2.99% $50,000Credit Spreads / Bond Options
PSC NSTS2.68%2.68% $50,000Credit Spreads / Stock Indices
PacificFront Capital, LLC Futures Trading Program2.48%-6.25% $100,000Breakout / Diversified
Pak Capital, LLC Currency Prg0.00%0.00% $1,000,000Discretionary Trend-Following / Currency
Parizek Capital Inc. Futures Trading-2.08%-5.65% $1,000,000Systematic LT Trend Following
Parkestone Capital Management, LLC Collision Methodology 0.28%-5.50% $90,000ST / Pattern Recognition / T-Notes
Paskewitz Asset Mgt QEPs OnlyContrarian S&P1.51%0.67% $1,000,000Contrarian / Stock Indexes
Multi-Strategy Fut-0.61%-3.34% $3,000,000Multi-Strategy / Diversified
Pavlik Capital Management LLC Pavlik Capital Partners L-0.08%-0.23% $250,000Equity Hedge
Pinstripe Trading LLC Standard1.81%1.40% $125,000Systematic / Quantitative / Stock Indexes
Piston Trading LLC Fixed Income Blend2.60%3.77% $300,000
The Piston Trading Prg-2.42%3.82% $1,000,000Counter Trend / Short Term / Stock Index
Portfolio Concept Vermoegensmanagement GmbH QEPs Only PC Global Systematic1.47%1.34% $1,000,000Quantitative / Stocks, Financials & Energies
PC Global Systematic (P&C)1.47%1.34% $1,000,000Quantitative / Stocks, Financials & Energies
Protec Energy Partners LLC QEPs OnlyET10.91%0.49% $500,000Reversion to Mean Options Strategies / Energies
Pukula & Co QEPs OnlyYOOF Program-4.05%-2.99% $100,000Yield Enhancement
Purple Valley Capital, Inc Div. Trend 1-2.93%-9.53% $1,000,000Global Macro Trend-Following / Diversified

QL Capital Management, LLC Quantum Leap LV-2.21%-7.33% $600,000Swing Trading / Diversified
Quantum Leap-6.42%-17.96% $300,000Swing Trading / Diversified LLC Invst Prg 16.14%17.43% $100,000Trend Following / Stock Indices & Bonds
Quality Capital Management Ltd QEPs OnlyAFP-0.79%-0.27% $10,000,000Systematic Global Macro / Financials
GDP-1.31%1.94% $25,000,000Systematic / Globally Diversified
Quant Trading, LLC QEPs OnlyFX Basket Quant (P)*3.53%-1.60% $100,000Systematic / Quantitative / G10 Currencies
FX Index Arb (P)-0.21%1.43% $100,000Interbank Trader
FX Quant 11-0.71%0.55% $100,000Quantitative Analysis / FX
V1 (P)1.34%5.56% $100,000Arbitrage Trading Strategy / Equities
Quantica Capital AG QEPs OnlyMAP0.10%3.36% $5,000,000Systematic / Currencies, Financials, Indices
Quantitative Investment Mgt LLC QEPs OnlyGlobal Prg0.99%5.30% $20,000,000Quantitative / Diversified
QuantScape Asset Management LLC QEPs OnlyUS Eq Indx1.17%0.69% $500,000Statistical Edge Capture / U.S. Equity Indexes
Quest Partners LLC QEPs OnlyAQO-0.86%-10.97% $20,000,000Short-Term / Momentum / Diversified

R Best, LLC Private Client (C)0.23%0.30% $50,000S-Term / Systematic / Treasury & Equities
World Select-0.64%-0.59% $2,000,000Systematic / Long Short / Diversified
Ravinia Investment Management, LLC Volatility Alpha1.59%4.31% $100,000Sells Iron Condor Credit Spreads
Red Oak Advisors, Inc. QEPs OnlyFund. Prg-2.60%2.33% $5,000,000Fundamental / Diversified
Red River Capital LLC QEPs OnlyVolatility Advantage0.37%-4.20% $100,000Mean Reversion / S&P & VIX
Red Rock Capital, LLC Commodity Long-Short-5.78%-6.36% $500,000Systematic / Short Term / Diversified
Sys. Global Macro-0.98%-1.55% $500,000LT Trend Following / Diversified
Redleaf Capital, LLC Fallback -3.22%0.38% $50,000Long-Term Fundamental
Fallback < $50,000-6.35%1.58% $25,000Long-Term Fundamental
Revolution Capital Management QEPs OnlyAlpha Prg-3.23%-0.60% $5,000,000Multi-Systematic / Globally Diversified
Mosaic Inst'l-1.88%-1.91% $25,000,000Short Term Systematic / Diversified
Ring Capital Management LLC E-Mini Select *1.87%8.61% $100,000Systematic / E-Mini
Rivercast Capital LLC QEPs OnlyMAP0.17%0.63% $500,000Quantitative / Stock Index
Rivoli Fund Management Rivoli Int'l Fund (MAP)1.12%-1.74% $5,000,000Multi-System Trend Following
Rivoli Int'l V9 (MAP)0.77%-0.92% $5,000,000Multi-System Trend Following
Rosetta Capital Mgt, L.L.C. QEPs OnlyMacro Prg0.82%0.82% $50,000Fundamental / Diversified
Trading Prg-0.55%-0.15% $250,000Fundamental / Ag & Livestock

Salona Capital, LLC. All Commodity Prg0.76%3.40% $100,000Diversified / Option Writer
All Commodity Prg 20.51%2.53% $25,000Diversified / Option Writer / Disc. Override
Standard Stock Index0.69%3.19% $25,000Stock Index / Option Writer/ Disc. Overlay
Sandpiper Asset Management, LLC QEPs OnlyGlobal Macro -5.84%-12.03% $1,000,000Diversified Global Macro
SandPointe, LLC QEPs OnlyAll Seasons Strategy4.21%9.66% $5,000,000Volatility Trading in VIX Futures
SandPointe Opportunities Fund2.28%5.75% $5,000,000Discretionary / Fundamental / S&P
Schindler Capital Management, LLC Dairy Adv.-0.15%-1.76% $200,000Fundamental / Ag & Livestock
Grain Adv.0.00%0.00% $100,000Discretionary / Grains
Soaring Pelican, LLC Diversified S&P-1.37%-2.68% $100,000Multi-System Stock Index
Somers Brothers Capital, LLC QEPs OnlyDiv. Futures-4.81%-6.61% $800,000Systematic Trend-Following / Diversified
Sona Trading Strategies, LLC Futures-6.70%-9.18% $1,000,000Globally Diverse Trend Follower
Southwest Managed Investments Global Div.-1.04%-13.27% $200,000Trend Following / Diversified
Spring Valley Asset Management QEPs OnlySVAM Tactical Trend -0.37%-0.36% $1,000,000Systematic Trend Following / Diversified
Stenger Capital Management, LLC Diversified Trading0.05%-0.28% $200,000Discretionary / Diversified
Sunrise Capital Partners, LLC Equity & Bond Opt. Growth3.61%5.59% $50,000Systematic / US Equities & US Bonds
Evolution Program1.19%0.99% $500,000Systematic / Equities, Fixed Inc, Commodities
U.S. Equity Optimized Growth3.70%5.71% $50,000Systematic / US Equities
Systematic Alpha Management, LLC Futures Prg 1X-0.88%-0.15% $5,000,000Systematic / Market Neutral / Statistical Arb
Futures Prg 2X-1.71%-0.12% $5,000,000Systematic / Market Neutral / Statistical Arb
Intraday Program1.81%2.12% $200,000Systematic / Intraday / Diversified

Tactical Investment Mgt Corp QEPs OnlyInst. Cmdy 0.31%0.15% $10,000,000Long Term Trend Following / Diversified
Tanyard Creek Capital, LLC Livestock-1.14%-0.39% $200,000Fundamental / Livestock / Futures & Options
Thayer Brook Partners QEPs OnlyGlobal Diversfied-1.45%-1.07% $100,000Trend Following / Diversified
Third Street Ag Investments, LLC QEPs OnlyFundamental AG0.95%0.94% $500,000Discretionary / Fundamental / Grains
Three Rock Capital Management QEPs OnlyGlobal Macro-0.90%-5.83% $1,000,000Momentum / S-Term / Diversified
Tlaloc Capital, LLC QEPs OnlyGrains Program0.24%1.35% $1,000,000Fundamental / Agriculture
Trading Study AST MIX Fut & Opts1.39%-1.16% $30,000
SPK Options1.37%0.22% $15,000Discretionary Option Trader
Transtrend B.V. DTP ER EUR-2.81%-0.70% €25,000,000Multi-System Trend / Diversified
DTP ER JPY-1.86%0.36% ¥25,000,000Multi-System Trend / Diversified
DTP ER USD-3.02%-1.00% $25,000,000Multi-System Trend / Diversified
DTP SR EUR-1.96%-0.58% €25,000,000Multi-System Trend / Diversified
Trigon Investment Advisors QEPs OnlyDisc. Macro-0.25%-2.43% $5,000,000Discretionary / Financials, Currencies, Indices
FX Program-4.96%-4.88% $5,000,000Systematic / Forex
Global Macro-1.12%-2.45% $5,000,000M-Strategy / Diversified / Futures & Opts.
Tyche Capital Advisors LLC TCA Institutional Prg 0.21%-1.24% $250,000Forward Curve Energy Grain Spreads
Typhon Capital Management QEPs OnlyChiron Currency-0.11%-1.30% $1,000,000Intraday / G10 Currencies
Helios Deutsche -0.25%0.11% $500,000DAX Volatility
Plutus Grain 0.77%0.66% $250,000Discretionary / Grains
Proteus Dynamic Volatility0.67%1.43% $250,000Systematic / Volatility Arbitrage
Vulcan Metals 1.48%1.24% $1,000,000Discretionary / Metals

Urban Tree Capital, LLC UTC Plus-5.17%-10.64% $100,000Opening Range Breakout / Index, Energy & Ags
UTC Plus (P)*-5.13%-10.56% $100,000Opening Range Breakout / Index, Energy & Ags

Valia Capital Management Global Tactical Program0.66%0.79% $200,000Discretionary / Short Term / Diversified
Vergho Asset Management QEPs OnlyKinematics-2.22%2.05% $1,000,000Short-Term / Diversified
Vilk Commodity Services Limited QEPs OnlyBase Metals RV 0.08%0.01% $2,000,000Discretionary / S-Term / Relative Value / Metals
Vision Capital Management, LLC Multi-Strategy-15.19%-9.49% $500,000Macro Quantitative / Discretionary / Diversified

Walsh Asset Management QEPs OnlyAbsolute Momentum-6.27%-17.28% $150,000Systematic / Trend Following / Diversified
Long Term Commodity Trader-3.33%-19.72% $100,000Systematic / Trend / Quantitative / Diversified
Warrington Asset Management Tactical Program0.73%1.49% $500,000Discretionary / Option Writer / Stock Indices
Westphal Trading Div. T-Following (P)-0.37%0.54% $500,000Medium-Term Trend Following
Wharton Capital Management, LLC Ag Futures 0.48%1.60% $100,000Discretionary / Fundamental / Ags
White Indian Trading Company Ltd 241.75%2.70% $250,000Alternative Hedge Delta Covered Premium
24 (P)1.62%2.56% $250,000Alternative Hedge Delta Covered Premium
Alternative Hedge2.06%6.10% $250,000Counter-Trend / Index Trader
Alternative Hedge (P)2.74%7.73% $250,000Option Strangles
Alternative Hedge Currencies0.26%1.19% $250,000Options / Spreads / Currencies
Alternative Hedge Currency (P)0.40%1.23% $250,000Options / Spreads / Currencies
Alternative Hedge Energy3.80%9.59% $250,000Options / Spreads / Energies
Alternative Hedge Energy (P)4.97%12.40% $250,000Options / Spreads / Energies
Alternative Hedge Index (P)0.88%4.66% $250,000Options / Spreads / Equity Index
Alternative Hedge Index0.65%3.61% $250,000Options / Spreads / Equity Index
Altnerative Hedge Softs (P)2.61%3.33% $250,000Options / Spreads / Softs
Navajo6.62%6.83% $250,000Systematic / S-Term / Diversified
SCS Program1.85%2.31% $250,000Counter-Trend / Index Trader
SCS (P) PF2.89%3.57% $250,000Counter-Trend / Index Trader
STAIRS5.45%0.21% $250,000Counter-Trend / Index Trader
STAIRS (P) PF5.12%0.12% $250,000Counter-Trend / Stock Index
STAIRS Futures Only-6.17%-2.48% $250,000Counter-Trend / Index Trader
White Swan2.14%-0.11% $250,000S-Term / Upside Breakout / Liquid Commodities
White Swan (P)2.13%-0.27% $250,000S-Term / Upside Breakout / Liquid Commodities
White River Group Diversified Option Writer0.25%1.30% $20,000Diversified Option Writer
Dynamic S&P Options1.80%4.52% $50,000US Equity Index Futures & Options
SI Option Writing0.64%3.54% $20,000Index Option Writer
World Cup Advisor Ehlers MESA Ultra ES-4.46%-0.08% $15,000Cyclical & Trend / E Mini
Ken Goldberg DSE Bonds8.90%-30.11% $15,000Elliot Wave Theory & Fibonacci Integrated with Decision Support Engine
Kevin Gawley Full Spectrum14.40%13.82% $15,000Trend Following / Various Futures
Larry Williams E-Mini S&P2.20%9.73% $20,000Systematic / E-mini S&P Futures
Marko Grcic 2016 Institutional-18.21%-33.98% $25,000Systematic / E-mini S&P & T-bond Futures
Marko Grcic 2016 World Cup-18.21%-33.98% $10,055Systematic / E-mini S&P & T-bond Futures
Marko Grcic Opportunity-11.75%-28.94% $10,000Systematic / Fundamental / E-mini S&P & T-bond Futures
Marko Grcic World Cup Champion-12.85%-26.38% $10,016Systematic / E-mini S&P & T-bond Futures
Michael Cook Convexity7.46%-13.90% $10,000Short-term / Swing / Various Futures
Michael Cook Omega-13.39%-43.22% $15,000Model-Driven / Predictive / Ags, Energy, Financials & Metals
Rob Mitchell Axiom Bonds10.58%-23.39% $16,000Trend Trading / T-bond Futures
Tim Birch TradeNav Automation-20.32%-25.05% $10,000Automated / Energies, Metals, Equity Indexes & Softs

Zoi Capital, LLC Telio Customer4.10%4.84% $200,000Counter Trend / Mean Reversion / Div.
Telio Proprietary5.06%7.28% $200,000Counter Trend / Mean Reversion